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Best FanFic of the Week

The Best Fanfic of the Week Award goes to:
Medea Crowly
For Let it Be and Don't Bring Me Down 
Congrats Medea Crowley!

Now we've got some other buisness to attend to. First of all, The Best Fanfic of the Week is not always picked by me. It voted to from a pool. And the Best Fanfic of the Week is not every week. We'll have it twice a month. Anybody can nominate a fanfic, and we'll have a voting period the first week. Nominations for Sept. 1st Best Fanfic of the Week begin now! Get your nominations in because the nomination period closes on August 21st! 

Next order of buisness, now. Let me tell you that everyone who wants to become a member of this community will be a moderator so they can add posts. No more then one post a day, though, except for me. I'm sorry, it's just that I may need to post more then one post a day. Also, members will also have to give me their birthdates. Just the month and the day if you wish so I can wish you a happy birthday!

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